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Rental Qualifications

Rental Qualifications

(Please read the following before completing your application.)

Please fill out the entire application as completely as possible, filling in all blanks. If a line or section does not apply write “N/A” in the blank. Please fill out an application online, shortly after we will contact you.


Income to Rent Standard

Household verifiable income must be 3 times the market rental amount. If not verifiable, we require a copy of the 2 previous years’ tax returns/ W2.


Down Payments for Rent to Own:   Anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 but we can work out payment plans to qualified applicants.  The more you put down the more we can work out a deal on monthly payments.

Verification of Employment History

An applicant must have verifiable current employment. In the situation of a job transfer both new and previous employment will be verified. With new employment an “offer letter” will be accepted, in conjunction with the verified previous employment. There must be written record of this verification in the lease file via an employment verification signed by the employee and the employer. All self-employed applicants must provide copies of their last 2 years of tax returns.

Credit Worthiness Standard

All credit is considered. We have a credit repair specialists who can work with you to help you get back on track. We are very flexible with our leasing terms. If you have any questions regarding this contact us today at 614-664-7994. Leave a message with your name, phone and email for fastest service.

Resident History Standard
Resident history verification is completed on each applicant. We must verify at least one year of positive residency on each applicant. No recent evictions. Rental/Home ownership history can show no unresolved debts to a previous landlord/mortgagor and compliance with all terms of the lease and community policies. Lack of sufficient history may result in the request for an additional Security Deposit or co-signer.

Criminal History
A criminal history investigation will be completed on all applicants and must reflect a positive rating. The scoring system does not distinguish between a conviction or charge. Additionally, the property staff does not have access to details regarding your criminal report, an “Accept or Decline” response is all that is revealed. The local law enforcement agency can provide you with a copy of your report should you have any questions. The following items found on a criminal report are considered an automatic decline. This is not an all inclusive list but is provided as examples of offenses that would cause a negative decision regarding your application for residency.

Drug activity: (1) possession, (2) possession with intent to manufacture, distribute, dispense (3) Hiring, soliciting, engaging, using a minor for the purpose of manufacturing/distributing/delivering.

  • * Theft over $300 including fraudulent checks.
  • * Weapons/Firearms/Handguns violations
  • * Sex Offenses
  • * Robbery
  • * Rape
  • * Murder
  • * Malicious Destruction of Property
  • * Kidnapping
  • * Carjacking
  • * Burglary
  • * Arson

An Applicant Will be Automatically Denied for the Following Reasons:
Falsification of any information on the Rental Application. Anyone currently in the process of filling for bankruptcy or having filed for bankruptcy in the past 2 years, and/or anyone having been evicted by a previous landlord for any cause.

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Security Deposit/Application Fee

A Holding Deposit is required and must be paid in full in order to hold a home off the market. This will then be converted to the Security Deposit upon move in. The Holding/Security Deposit on homes is equal to one month’s market rent, and is refundable at the time of move out, as long as there are no damages or cleaning fees beyond the “Normal wear and tear”, and any outstanding debt is paid in full.

If the application is approved, but the applicant fails to enter into the lease, the applicant forfeits the deposit, which will in turn be used towards lost rent.

If the application is approved, and the lease is entered into, the Security Deposit will be deposited and held in trust until the time of move out.

If the application is not approved, the Security Deposit will be mailed back to the applicant within thirty days.

Pet Fee/ Pet Deposit
A maximum of 2 pets per home, within a 100lbs, 50lbs per, weight limit individually, will be accepted with a Non-Refundable Pet Deposit of $50 a month added to rent, per pet. All pets are subject to management approval. The only exception to the pet policy will be animals designated for service to a resident with a verified disability.  No aggressive breeds will be accepted.

All rent will be paid through our ACH system. You will be able to also pay online, but will be responsible to pay any charges to do so. Under no circumstances will cash ever be accepted in person. You may deposit the cash into bank account that will be discussed in the lease signing. Rent is due on the 1st. Rent paid after the 1st will incur a non-negotiable late fee of $100, and then $25.00 per day. All rent payments made after the 1st must be paid in certified funds and include appropriate late fee to be accepted. No partial payments will be accepted. No exceptions will be made.

Please understand that any false information deemed deliberate will result in the decline of the application. Approval of the application is at the discretion of management. We abide by the Landlord Tenant Act of Ohio, practicing under all equal opportunity housing codes and do not discriminate based on race, age, religion, familial status, color, sex, handicap, or national origin.


$40 per applicant if your just renting, application fee is waived if you’re doing rent to own. **Application fee is non-refundable**

3 Responses to Rental Qualifications

  1. ivy shell says:

    I was wondering if there is anything available in the reynoldsburg or Whitehall area?

    • RJ says:

      to get property updates before they hit the website- please enter your name and email in the “describe your dream” section of this website

  2. Penny L Kilcourse says:

    Hello. I am interested in the property in Galloway. I would like to set up a day and time to look at it. Address is: 6641 Maple Park Way, Galloway, 43119. I will have the application completed today.
    Thank you, Penny Kilcourse

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