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Benefits of Rent to Own

Benefits of Rent to Own

Personal Benefits:
  • Opportunity to Own Your Dream Home!  You have the ability to own your own home as you build equity and fix any potential credit problems.
  • Quick Move in Time:  You can typically take possession of the home in less than one week instead of conventional move in times of one to three months after your offer is accepted.
  • Peace of Mind:  You will have full control of the home and can maintain or improve it however you wish.
  • Get the Help You Need:  We can help you with credit issues by getting you into our credit repair program, and connect you with our team of Lenders to help you get the financing you deserve.
  • Potential to Own With Any Credit:  Whether you’ve had late payments, bankruptcy, foreclosure or simply haven’t had enough time to build your credit, a Rent to Own home may enable you to build equity and repair credit while renting your own home.
Financial Benefits:
  • Turn Your Rent Into an Investment:  Both a portion of your monthly rent and the down payment will be credited towards your purchase price.
  • Faster Equity Growth: Equity accumulates much faster (five times or more!) than with conventional financing through a bank or lender
  • Rent Money is Working Toward the Purchase of the Home: Every month a portion of your rent payment (typically $100-$500, depending on the home) can be credited towards your down payment which is deducted from the sales price.
  • Minimum Cash Out of Pocket: When you purchase a home conventionally, you must pay at least 5-10% down plus closing costs and prepaids. When you buy with a Rent to Own, you only pay the first month’s rent and a small option deposit.
  • Profits from Appreciation: Since the sales price is locked in before closing (as specified in your agreement), any increase in property value will mean that your equity (what you owe minus what it’s worth) is increasing in the home.

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  1. I am really interested in the rental in Galloway!

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